Turkey Tendons - The Perfect Behavior Chew Treats for Dog

As a pet lover and owner of Max, my furry friend, I need to ensure he is living a happy and healthy life. Being a dog parent means providing the best quality food and supplements so they can thrive. After doing extensive research on the best chew treat options, I came across turkey tendons and was fascinated to learn more about the numerous benefits they provide besides being yummy. From dental care to keeping behavioral issues at bay, these all-natural chews pack quite a punch. Keep reading to understand why turkey tendons have become my go-to choice for Max's well-being.

What are Turkey Tendons?

Turkey tendons are cartilage connective tissues found in a turkey's leg. Raw and dehydrated forms of turkey tendons are commonly available as chew treats for dogs. They have a unique texture that allows dogs to gently chew on them, exercising their jaws in the process. Being low in calories yet high in protein and essential nutrients, turkey tendons satisfy a dog's natural urge to chew while supporting their oral and overall health.

The texture and composition of turkey tendons make them ideal for dogs with behavior issues like separation anxiety or excessive barking. Let me explain further -

Turkey Tendons Help Address Behavioral Concerns 

  • They Provide Mental Stimulation:


By providing entertainment through slow chewing, turkey tendons keep dogs engaged in a constructive activity instead of destructive behaviors like barking or chewing furniture when home alone. Mental stimulation promotes relaxation and prevents boredom. 

  • Release Anxieties:

The act of chewing on tendons produces calming hormones like serotonin and dopamine in dogs. This helps relax overly anxious pups and settle behaviors stemming from separation anxiety.


  • Curb Destructive Tendencies:


Dogs exhibiting issues like scratching, digging, or chewing often do so due to boredom or excessive energy levels. Turkey tendons offer an acceptable alternative to satisfy their natural chewing instincts.


  • Reduce Excessive Barking:


Providing tendon chews keeps dogs entertained, thereby reducing the likelihood of barking when alone. Barking is often an expression of stress or boredom in canine companions.


Turkey Tendons are Ideal for Dental Health

Did you know dental disease is the most common health issue found in dogs? Regular chewing on turkey tendons massages gums, exercises jaws and scrapes away plaque/tartar - all natural ways of preventing bad breath and dental problems. Here are some notable benefits for canine teeth:


  • Clean Teeth and Gums:


The fibrous texture of tendons gently scrubs surfaces, removing debris for fresher breath and healthier teeth/gums.


  • Reduce Tartar Buildup:


Chewing stimulates saliva flow to neutralize plaque acids and inhibit tartar formation which can lead to painful gum disease if left untreated.


  • Minimize Tooth Loss:


Regular dental care via tendons prevents issues like gingivitis, periodontitis, and loss of teeth in old age which are otherwise very common in pets.


  • Strengthen Jaw Muscles:


The act of chewing works jaw muscles, preserving strong facial structure and reducing risks of malocclusion in dogs.


Turkey Tendons are Perfectly Safe and Nutritious


As a single ingredient treat made of turkey tendons alone, they provide balanced nutrition and are extremely safe for dogs to enjoy:


  • Rich in Protein:


At 20g protein per 100g, tendons meet protein requirements and build lean body mass in canines.


  • Loaded with Collagen:


Collagen strengthens bones, joints, skin/coat and aids mobility in aging pups.


  • Low-Calorie yet Filling:


Despite being only 75 calories per ounce, tendons curb appetite better than high-cal snacks due to collagen's volume.



  • No Additives or Preservatives:


Being in their natural form without any artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives, tendons pose zero risks to dog's health.



  • Hypoallergenic:

For dogs with food sensitivities, single-ingredient tendons cause no adverse reactions, unlike multi-ingredient treats.


Unique Benefits of K9 Carnivore Turkey Tendons


As a supplier focused on canine wellness, we at K9 Carnivore ensure only the highest quality standards are met in our turkey tendon manufacturing process:


  • Sourced From Family Farms:


Our tendons come from free-range turkeys raised on nutritious diets at trusted farms across the USA and South America.


  • Air Dried For Maximum Nutrition:


Air-drying, unlike other methods, retains nutrients, unlike other preservation techniques.


  • Third-Party Lab Tested:


Every batch undergoes testing to certify safety and ensure no traces of chemicals, drugs or pathogens are present.


  • Human-Grade Ingredients Only:


We reject anything unfit for human consumption to provide only top-shelf nutrition for beloved fur babies.


FAQs About Turkey Tendon Chews


  1. How long will a tendon last my dog?


  1. Chew time depends on dog size, chewing habits, and tendon thickness. On average, light chewers may take a week and power chewers a few hours.


  1. Can puppies have tendon chews?


  1. Yes, but supervision is advised as puppy teeth are delicate. Start with thinner tendons and cease chews if teeth show signs of damage.


  1. Is it okay if my dog swallows tendon pieces?


  1. In small amounts, tendon fibers are digestible for dogs. However, encourage gentle chewing to minimize swallowing and monitor stools for any issues.



As you can see, decadent turkey tendon chews are the ideal nutritional supplement for your furry friend's wellness in many unique ways. By satisfying natural instincts, aiding dental hygiene, and mitigating behavioral issues, they provide overall balanced health If you want only the highest quality, humane-grade tendons for your pooch, look no further than K9 Carnivore. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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