K9 Carnivore No-Pull Dog Harness Vest: Ultimate Comfort & Style for Your Pet


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Dog harness vest
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
comfort dog harnesses
adjustable chest loop
adjustable chest strap
adjustable dog leash
anchor for leashes
control handle
control on walks
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness
Camouflage Soft Vest Dog Harness

K9 Carnivore No-Pull Dog Harness Vest: Dura Mesh Padding for Ultimate Comfort & Durability

Breathable and Comfortable Design:

Our dog harness vest is expertly crafted with a breathable Mesh Padded blend, making it a perfect choice for both comfort and durability. This material is not only tough enough for outdoor adventures but also gentle to the touch, ensuring your dog's comfort during walks. Ideal for service dogs or pets who enjoy long hikes, this harness provides the needed durability without compromising on comfort.

Eco-Friendly and Skin-Friendly:

We prioritize sustainability by incorporating Eco-Friendly Materials in our harnesses, reducing environmental impact. The soft texture of the K9 Carnivore harness ensures there are no hard edges or buckles that cause skin irritation or chafing, particularly in the sensitive armpit area. This feature makes it an excellent choice for bitty breeds and brachycephalic breeds, which often require extra care in harness selection.

Adjustable for a Perfect Fit:

Every dog is unique, and our adjustable harness recognizes this. With an adjustable chest loop, chest strap, and overall fit, it adapts to your dog's body shape, offering a customized fit. Whether you need a large dog harness or something for a smaller breed, our adjustable design ensures the perfect solution for every size.

Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety is paramount in our design. The harness features high-quality buckles with a quick-release system that has undergone rigorous testing (100,000 cycles long life test). The metal hardware is robust and reliable, even for the most energetic dogs. For added safety, reflective stitching makes you and your pet visible when going for walks in the evening.

Fafashionable and Functional:

This no-pull, vest-shaped harness isn't just practical; it's stylish too. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the double-layer soft padded mesh design provides an additional layer of protection, guaranteeing that your pet's neck is protected when engaging in activities like walking, running, or hiking.

Washing Instructions & Recommendations:

While the K9 Carnivore harness is machine washable for convenience, we recommend hand washing or air drying to maintain its quality. This harness is an ideal choice for those looking for a durable, adjustable, and comfortable option for their furry friend.

What is the difference between a dog harness and a collar?


Dog collars, essential for holding ID and rabies tags, are suitable for dogs that don't easily slip out. They come in various types, like flat, martingale, and rolled collars.

 Dog harnesses, on the other hand, evenly distribute pressure across the body, ideal for dogs that pull on the leash or have respiratory or neck issues. Available in back-clip, front-clip, and dual-clip styles, harnesses offer more control and prevent choking. 

In essence, collars are good for leash-trained dogs, while harnesses are better for dogs that pull or have specific health concerns. It's crucial to choose the right type for your dog's comfort and needs.

What is no- pull dog harness vest?

A no-pull harness, designed to minimize leash pulling, typically features a front clip to redirect a dog's attention and prevent pulling.

Ideal for dogs prone to pulling or with respiratory or neck issues, these harnesses come in various sizes and styles. 

Popular options include the Blue-9 Balance Harness, Petsafe 3-in-1, Ruffwear Front Range, and 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness. 

For a suitable fit, it's crucial to choose the right size and comfort level for your dog. Chewy.com offers a broad range of no-pull harnesses for all dog sizes.

★ [REDUCES CHAFING] - Soft texture with no hard edges or buckles to irritate skin or back of leg. Does not wrap into sensitive armpit area where most chafing occurs. Also it will reduce tugging and pulling on your pet's neck and make your pet walks comfortable.
★ [WASH INFO & RECOMMENDATION] - Machine washable, but hand washing or air drying are recommended, if you are looking for a quality harness that is adjustable at neck and chest, our harness will be a good option
★ [SAFETY] - High quality buckle system with quick release and good snap function which subjected 100,00 cycles long life test, The metal hardware is durable to ensure it can withstand even for some energetic pooches
★ [FASHION DESIGN] - Adjustable belt, no pull, vest structure, soft padded mesh by double layer design dog halter which is more humanized to protect your pet puppy neck when walking, running or hiking



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