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Heavy Duty Dog Leashes
Reflective safety dog leash
Durable nylon dog leash
Ergonomic dog leash features
Heavy duty leash
Tactical Foam Handle Leash
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Tactical Foam Handle Leash
Tactical dog leash
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Tactical Foam Handle Leash
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Dual handle leash
Training compatibility
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Dog on training leash

Tactile Foam Barrel Handle Retractable Reflective Bungee Dog Training Leash with Car Seat Belt


=== Introduction ===

Finally, the perfect heavy duty dog leash for active dog lovers! This hands-free leash with Smartphone storage adds a new level of freedom & enjoyment to jogging, hiking or walking with your canine companion.

=== Benefits ===

Do you love running the trails with your puppy but hate having to grip a leash the entire time? With the K9 Carnivore Hands-Free Dog Leash, you can focus on your outdoor activities and not on your tired hands! This tactical dog leash helps you maintain a secure connection with your pet while on the go or enjoying the outdoors. Its simple yet durable construction means more worry-free walks for you and your four-legged friend.

This intelligently designed heavy duty dog leash features a durable shock-absorbing bungee that prevents hard pulling when your playful pooch spots a squirrel. The easy-to-use metal clasp offers a comfortable grip and is built for long-lasting durability and accidental unclipping, providing a secure connection to your dog's harness or collar.

=== Additional Features ===

The K9 Carnivore Waist Dog Leash is constructed of Strong Nylon that stands up to sun, rain & snow like a champ. It also has 3 seams of reflective stitching to keep you visible in low-light conditions. Order one for yourself and a couple more for your favorite dog owners today! This leash comes with a sale price for a high-quality and durable product.

=== Durable Construction ===

  • QUALITY: Excellent heavy duty nylon leash material and superior reflective lead with precision threading. Soft padded handle for your easy grip on long runs!
  • ELASTICITY: The dog leash can be extended to 4 feet. The leash range is long enough for all sizes of dogs and is 1” thick, made with durable materials.

=== Enhanced Control ===

  • CONTROL: Comes with a double handle for greater control. A long strong leash handle for runs and walks while the short handle keeps them close and handy.

=== Car Safety ===

  • CAR SEATBELT: The clasp for a car seatbelt is perfect to keep your canine companion safe during drives and open window views. The durable metal clasp can be securely added to any car seat buckle for hassle-free drives.

=== Our Promise ===

  • QUALITY: Being dog lovers, we ensure the quality and care for each leash shipment that reaches you. We strive to provide authentic and defect-free heavy-duty dog leashes at a reasonable price.

=== Extreme Weather Durability ===

  • Strong nylon withstands exposure to sun, rain, and snow
  • Won't become brittle and crack in cold winter temperatures

=== Training Compatibility ===

  • Lightweight build allows for jogging/running without arm fatigue
  • Allows freedom of movement for better leash skills training
  • Bungee action stops pull momentum allowing you to regain control

Get the heavy duty dog leash that keeps up with your active lifestyle! Order the K9 Carnivore Hands-Free Tactical Dog Leash today!



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Awesome leash!

We finally found a leash that met our needs. It’s the perfect length. Love the seatbelt feature too.