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As a pet owner, you want only the best for your beloved furry friend. Choosing high-quality pet food, treats and accessories are what makes the difference between a good life and an extraordinary life for your pet. K9 Carnivore is a private label manufacturer born from the desire to provide pets worldwide with the highest quality products that can contribute to a long and happy life as well as excellent comfort and wellbeing.

What Makes K9 Carnivore Special?

  • Premium quality ingredients sourced from reliable suppliers
  • Top-notch products made in the USA
  • Safe and tested ingredients
  • Rich content of nutrients essential for healthy living
  • Excellent taste and flavor that pets love

Quality You Can Trust

Our pet treats and accessories are proudly made in Iowa, USA and feature a Single-Ingredient formula made with 100% natural ingredients carefully sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure the highest quality and maximum benefits!

Made with Care

The K9 Carnivore pet treats are not only made with carefully selected, natural ingredients but are also free of preservatives, harsh fillers, additives, sugar, grains and other toxic ingredients, preserving all the nutrients and quality for enhanced bioavailability and amazing benefits for your pet!

Support Local Shelters

Our mission is to offer premium quality products that can contribute to excellent health and wellbeing of your pets. Through our products, we strive to provide pets with all the conditions for healthy living but we also aim to support local animal shelters by redirecting a portion of our products and proceeds.

Delicious and Nutritious Pet Treats

The K9 Carnivore pet treats have a rich content of protein and nutrients crucial for maintaining healthy teeth, shiny coat and excellent skin but also a great taste! These treats have an amazing texture and intense taste that will keep your pet happy while chewing on one of our delicious treats – Cow Tails, Center Cow Marrow Bones or juicy Turkey Tendons and much more!

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